Sunny Graves | Drawing Hands In Soft Light


Sunny Graves

Drawing Hands In Soft Light es un videoclip para el primer sencillo del EP ‘Bayou’, de los Sunny Graves, publicado por Disboot Label. Nuestros amigos This Is Felo crearon estas esculturas de hielo y se encargaron de la dirección del video, regalándonos un simple juego de luces y agua que nos transporta a un mundo microscópico … ¿Que será lo próximo? Dios sabrá, nosotros estaremos atentos para poder disfrutar de su próxima locura!

Drawing Hands In Soft Light is a music video for the first single of the ‘Bayou’ EP, by Sunny Graves, published by Disboot Label. Our friends This Is Felo created this Ice Sculptures and directed the video, and gave us this simple game between light and water to take us into a microscopic world … What will be the next? God knows. We’ll stay tuned for the next one!

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On Loop



On Loop es el proyecto fin de estudios de Christine Hooper en el Royal College of Art. Alucinante!

On Loop is the Royal College of Art graduation film by Christine Hooper. Awesome!

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Habitus by Timor Barshtman

“created as a graduation project for Shenkar College of Engineering and Design
Visual Communication department 2014.

I’ve often wondered why do I act unlike my friends, why do I feel one way and not the other.
When I looked retrospectively inward, I saw that: a person is a messy construct of previous character transformations, while a character is designed by it’s surrounding to survive and succeed in it”.

This is Felo



Nuestros amigos Fermín Cimadevilla y Lorena Medina se unieron para crear This is Felo, un dúo de directores con una amplia gama de estilos y técnicas entre sus manos. Su gran experiencia en publicidad, producción de vaudiovisual y dirección de arte, junto con un portafolio impresionante, nos brinda una fuerte intuición de “Vosotros dos lo vais a petar!”

Our friends Fermin Cimadevilla and Lorena Medina teamed up to create This is Felo, a a directing duo with a wide range of styles and techniques. Their strong background in advertising, video production and art direction, combined with an awesome portfolio provides us with a strong sense of “You are gonna kick it hard”!

Turn Down for What


Turn Down for What

Turn Down for What es un videoclip de Dj Sanke y Lil Jon, que igual os da un poco e energía para esta mañana de martes tan tranquila!

Turn Down for What is a music video by Dj Sanke and Lil Jon, that will give you a massive energy wave for these quiet tuesday morning!

The Story of a Story



Un corto para todos aquellos a los que os gusta crear historias!

The Story of a Story is an attempt to translate the love and effort we put into every film we make.
The idea came while we were talking about how hard it can be for outsiders to understand the workflow behind what we do.

It can all seem a bit too magical and otherworldly (because in a way it is), but it’s also a damn serious process.

We wanted to explain how each step leads to another in the twist of a story and have fun with loads of different animation techniques.

An ode to our own job, ‘cause that’s how much we love it!”


Junyi Xiao. After School


Junyi Xiao

Este corto de animación es el proyecto de graduación de Junyi Xiao en Beihang University. Es bonito, dramático y con una muy buena historia!

This short animation film is Junyi Xiao’s graduation project at Beihang University. It’s beautiful, dramatic and a really good story!