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For Approval

Hi [insert client name here],
We think we’re nearly there on this. It’d be great to get your thoughts/comments and of course, let us know if you spot anything obviously wrong.

This was an experimental film put together simply as an opportunity to have a play in-between projects. After much deliberation we set ourselves a brief to create a collection of scenarios subverting the physical properties of…anything. It made for some interesting comments along the way. “That egg’s not bouncy enough, the cloth coming out of the tap needs to feel more like water, the bowling ball needs to feel heavier as it floats off…”. We suddenly realised we were playing our own client (hence the in-joke above) This is ;·)

We’ve started lots of these projects over the years. This rare creature is one that’s finally found its way out of the studio. And no, it wasn’t at all annoying to see this peach appear on Vimeo half way through the process. ◔_◔

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Charlotte Sagory


Charlotte Sagory

Charlotte Sagory es una diseñadora de sets de París, que trabaja principalmente con sus creaciones de papel hechas a mano. Su trabajo es un placer (en general) con una fuerte dedicación en cada detalle. Esperamos que os guste!

Charlotte Sagory is a set designer from Paris, mainly working with paper crafted art. Her work is a pleasure with a strong effort on every detail. We hope you like it!


Things I Should Stop Thinking About Thinking



‘Things I Should Stop Thinking About Thinking’ es una animación creada por Dan Castro, sobre tetas, sexo y los chicos siendo felices – o no. Una breve mirada al estrés que se siente desde dentro de la cabeza de un tipo joven. Disfrutad!

‘Things I Should Stop Thinking About Thinking’ is a film created by Dan Castro, about boobs, sex and boys being happy – or not. A brief look at what stress feels like from inside the head of a youngish bloke. Enjoy it!

Vicious Cycle by Michael Marczewski


Vicious Cycle by Michael Marczewski

Vicious Cycle, de Michael Marczewski, nos presenta un grupo de pequeños robots autónomos que realizan una serie de funciones repetitivas, impulsadas por dispositivos mecánicos. Pero a medida que los mecanismos comienzan sin piedad a funcionar cada vez más y más rápido, las cosas toman un giro inesperado a peor para estos robots indefensos.

Vicious Cycle, by Michael Marczewski, features a group of little autonomous robots performing a range of repetitive functions, driven by mechanical devices. But as the mechanisms mercilessly start getting faster and faster, things take a turn for the worse for the helpless robots.

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Why children’s drawings matter


Delphine Burrus

Delphine Burrus es una directora y animadora que vive y trabaja en París, y es la autora de esta gran animación, Why children’s drawings matter. Disfrutad!

Delphine Burrus is a director and animator based in Paris, and the author of this great animation, Why children’s drawings matter. Enjoy it!

Freddy Arenas


Freddy Arenas

Freddy Arenas es un director freelance, y un gran ilustrador, con un interés especial por la animación. Una excelente técnica preparada para crear fantásticas animaciones, motion y diversas ilustraciones muy potentes. Echad un vistazo y disfrutad!

Freddy Arenas is an independent director, and a great illustrator, with a special interest on animation. An excellent technique ready to create this fantastic animations, motions and various awesome illustrations. Check it out and enjoy it!

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Nimura Daisuke


Nimura Daisuke

Nimura Daisuke es un artista japonés, que centra su trabajo en la ilustración y estos gif animados tan buenos. Tanto, que os van a tener un buen rato paseando por su web. podéis ver más de su trabajo en Instagram y Twitter. Disfrutad!

Nimura Daisuke is a Japanese artist, focusing his work in illustration and these awesome animated gif, that will keep you scrolling on his website for a long time. You can check out his work also on Instagram and Twitter. Enjoy it!