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«Snask is a brand, Design and Film agency from Stockholm». That’s what they say about themselves. But, what can we say about them? Snask is a young, talented, creative and clever group of designers from a cold , nordic and beautiful country, running a great studio without frontiers. They are direct, smart and funny, and above all those virtues, they are a bunch of hard working individuals with a wide and clear vision of how design can help a brand.

Watch out! If you haven’t heard about them before, you’ll fall in love with these boys! Here, at 40fakes, we are saving money to get a flight to Sweden and propose marriage to them! Enjoy!

Riddargatan 38, 114 57 Stockholm. Sweden
Official Web:
Film Web:
Social network: Facebook, Vimeo
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Please, tell us about Snask. How did it all started? Where do you come from? Where are you going?
SNASK is a design, branding and film agency situated in the heart of Stockholm Sweden. We are 8 people and growing. SNASK started out as an idea in the UK where the founders Freddie and Magnus met when studying graphic design. They wanted to start a studio where everything was based on fucking great design, fun and common sense. The single most important thing was the ambition to make the highest possible quality of graphic design. We decided to make SNASK sharper than Mick Jaggers ass in the 60’s.
Branding, design and film are your working fields. How do you manage to work in such different areas without going crazy?
I was going to write that we are crazy to begin with but I realized that it sounds so fucking lame. We are 8 people with different areas of expertise but we all share ambition, goals and sense of creative work. So it is really no problem at all. No one wants to create a divorce in East Enders. Everyone wants to smoke that cigarette in the ending of Casablanca.
Do you have a different creative team for graphic design and for film projects? Is your approach to different projects also done and tackle differently?
SNASK Film department is made up of directors, film photographers, animations and more. They are not that involved in the design and printing area but we are all somehow involved a bit in eachothers fields anyway. The approach is the same.
You have opened a Shanghai branch for your studio. What made you to expand the market into a new horizon like China? Could you talk about how you feel about working with the chinese agencies and brands and could you elaborate on those dynamics?
China is so interesting right now. The worlds most booming market. 100 million chinese people have started to realize that they can buy stuff. 1.1 billion is yet to realize it. They have very little knowledge about branding and design so a lot of time you have to educate them before a deal is made. We are only in our first baby steps in China and Shanghai but it is still the most interesting thing we are doing at the moment.

Sweden is a small country but I wouldn’t say that it is too small for us. But the industry in Sweden is very small. Lots and lots of big fishes in a tiny pond. SNASK has never had the goal to be the best in Sweden. We have always compared ourself and our work internationally through blogs, magazines and books worldwide.

You will be speaking at Offf 2012 Barcelona. How do you feel about giving lectures? Can you share with us any clues with regards the aim of your talk there?
OFFF will be so great. We are lecturing at design schools around Sweden such as Beckmans. Forsbergs, Mittuniversitetet and more as well as design festivals around the globe like Belgrade Design Week, Shenzhen Industrial Design Festival and more. For us it is a kick and very inspiring to give lectures. We will give a lecture at OFFF that will leave you full of dopamine in your head like you just had great sex. Hopefully you will feel inspired and most likely you will either hate us or love us. That’s the way we roll. Its more fun to stomp harder than Justice beats in D.A.N.C.E and those who are left unaffected are simply not reachable or fun at all.
Please Could you tell us about the process in terms of goals and methods when approaching a new branding job? Is the use of the social media networks an option or a mandatory?
Branding is very different from project to project but also very similar. We follow the SNASK Way when we do branding to make sure everything is done correctly. The goal is always to make the brand better.. simple and boring but that’s true. There are so many methods but one which is really important is to do everything for real from the beginning. If the brief we get is wrong we want to rewrite it with the client before starting the work.
Your films are a great mix of animation techniques such as stop-motion and live action, also you include handmade objects and real life ones.
Which is your style? How can you define it? is the message the first thing you study in a film project or is it just another part of the process?
The SNASK style is a bit hard to define for ourselfs in words. We know what feeling we are aiming for and that we always want to evoke emotions. We want people to scream, kiss and tell, no matter the project. The message is of course very important.
Which is the project you love the most?
We love projects where we have a lot of opportunities to make something really good. So basically a branding project where the client is serious and want to change everything from graphic identity to interior, tone of voice and more. Malmö Festival is a great example where we have done so much work during 3 years time. It is truly great to take a brand and repositioning it.
Which would be your ideal project?
The perfect one would probably be to make a country’s graphic identity and communication. It would be great. Perhaps if North Korea became a democracy and we would get the assignment to repositioning them. Or take China from «Made in China» to «Created in China».
What the studio looks like early in the morning?(if you start early) on an average day…
We come in around 09.00 and the first thing that comes on is the stereo. Sometimes mellow, sometimes happy. After that its the smell of coffee. Not sure what you mean but the mornings at Snask are nice.
Who are you truly, madly and deeply in love with?
Oooh. What a question. This is quite a personal one. I will simply just write what I love with 5 persons:
1. I love Woody Allens humour and wit
2. I adore the carisma of a young Debbie Harry
3. I would die for James Dean in his red leather jacket in Rebel without a cause
4. The voice of Serge Gainsbourg is extremely sexy
5. I would very much like to sleep with «Maggie» in Rod Stew – Maggie Way
You’re also doing conferences and workshops. Are teaching and education areas important for you at any level?
It is important to be a part of your time. That includes not only consuming culture but also creating some. We create club nights, we speak at conferences, we teach students stupid stuff and we do self initiated projects. It is very enjoyable to do all this.
In ten years you see yourselves …
Hmm. We will be the impossible rockstars of graphic design(impossible because you can’t be a rockstar if you are a graphic designer). SNASK will only do 4 projects a year and we will have a waiting time of 2 years for clients to work with us. Of course we will be filthy rich and drive UPS-trucks remade into SNASK mobiles. We will probably have wifes, husbands, kids and dogs(no cats). There is of course a possibility that we will say exactly the opposite of what we are saying now.
Who would you like to see here being interviewed?
1. Jennie Garth from the 80’s
2. Your mum
3. Gyro International because they seem so bloody boring
What happens on a typical friday afternoon?
We work like hell. When the time hits 12 Jens shouts «Brucesky» which means its time for brooklyn lager and bruce springsteen. Lots of girls and boys from a model agency across the street usually come over for a beer and some fags. Those who don’t have obligations stay and party.
Fast & Furious
Películas: 24 Hour Party People, Play it again Sam, Oldboy, A Bronx Tale and Midnight Cowboy
Música: Rod Stewart, The Shins, First Aid Kit, 38 Special and Shout Out Louds
Libros: Sagmeister, Karlsson Wilker, Bruce Mau, Vince Frost
  • 1 Malmö festival.

  • 2 Luger Livenation

  • 3 Bruno Gotgatsbacken

  • 4 SNASK self-promo.

  • 5 Arvika Festival clothing.



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