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Awesome project by Gasta:

“Browsing on internet I found a few people that are keeping themselves busy with personal projects on a daily basis. Every day they’re able to post something online.

Looking at them I always thought I couldn’t make it: too busy with my daily job in the studio, too busy at home with my family.
But I tried.
And I managed to do it. I just had to work against the clock.

GastaLoops is a 100 day design project with some “auto inflicted rules”, strong limitations that are able to fuel the creativity.

The gifs had to be:
50 frames long
with 3 flat colours (ivory, coral, black)

Allen Laseter


Allen Laseter

Allen Laseter es un director, animador e ilustrador freelance, actualmente con sede en Nashville. Este colega os alegrará el día, su portafolio estás muy cerca de la perfección. Disfrutad, mucho!

Allen Laseter is a freelance Director, animator and illustrator, currently based in Nashville. This guy will make your day, his portfolio is something quite close to perfection. Enjoy it, a lot!

 Instagram · Vimeo

Alexander Unger


Alexander Unger

Alexander Unger lleva este canal de youtube donde comparte tutoriales de animación. Alexander hace animaciones stop motion en su tiempo libre, y este es el fantástico resultado! Espero que os guste!

Alexander Unger runs this youtube channel where he shares animation tutorial. Alexander makes stop motion animations in his free time, and this is the fantastic result! Hope you like it!





‘A regular guy working daily on visual media. These are my personal animation tests, my timeline’. Esta es la sección de ‘about’ de Gustavo Torres, alias Kidmograph. Este tumblr es una bonita recopilación de pruebas en movimiento. Nos encanta!

‘A regular guy working daily on visual media. These are my personal animation tests, my timeline’. This is the ‘about section’ from Gustavo Torres, aka Kidmograph. An this tumblr is an awesome compilation of tests in motion. Love it!


Daisy Jacobs


Daisy Jacobs

Daisy Jacobs es una animadora que vive y trabaja en Londres. Daisy utiliza una mezcla de técnicas donde juega con el stop-motion y las animaciones pintadas, y que harán volar vuestra mente. Podéis ver su impresionante trabajo “The Bigger Picture” y enamoraros de su trabajo directamente. Estaremos alerta de sus próximos proyectos!

Daisy Jacobs is an animator based in London. Daisy uses a mixture of techniques based on stop-motion and painted animation that will blow your mind. You can check out her awesome work “The Bigger Picture” and fall in love with her work. We’ll stay tunned for upcoming projects!

Kyle Bean Art


Kyle Bean Art

Kyle Bean es un artista que vive y trabaja en Londres, con un enfoque particular por el diseño y la ilustración artesanal. Kyle crea animaciones e ilustraciones para proyectos editoriales y comerciales, con este impresionante resultado final! Espectacular!

Kyle Bean is an artist currently based in London with a strong focus on handcrafted design and illustration. Kyle creates animations and illustrations for editorial and commercial projects, with this awesome final result! Brilliant!

Spārni un airi / Wings and Oars


Wings and Oars

Wings and Oars. A former pilot looks back over his life – The Earth, the Sky, the Woman – everything that took place on the journey from an air strip to an abandoned boat house.

Directed by Vladimir Leschiov. Music and sound design: Pierre Yves Drapeau, Normand Roger. Production: LUNOHOD, 2009