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Robert C. Jackson



Me enamoré de la obra de Robert C. Jackson y pensé que sería justo compartirlo con todos vosotros. Echad un vistazoo, es increíble!

Just fall in love with Robert C. Jackson’s work and I thought it would be fair to share it with you all. Check it out, it’s awesome!

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Gwendal Le Scoul



Unas ilustraciones alucinantes de Gwendal Le Scoul, un ilustrador francés, centrado en el tema editorial, con muchos proyectos muy potentes para compartir! Echad un vistazo!

Awesome artworks by Gwendal Le Scoul, a french illustrator, focusing on editorial, with some good works to share! Check it out!

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Chase Conley ArtWorks



Chase Conley ha estado trabajando en un montón de bocetos y piezas nuevas impresionantes. Y todas ellas son absolutamente sexys, técnicamente impresionantes y frescas. Tal vez fresco no es un adjetivo muy mainstream, pero fresco es como me sale al describir el trabajo de Chase! A disfrutar!

Chase Conley is working in lots of awesome sketches and artworks. And all of them are absolutely sexy, technically stunning and cool. Maybe cool is not a very mainstream adjective but cool is how Chase’s work looks like! Enjoy it!

Who is Ori Toor?



”Well, It’s me!
I’m a vegetarian and failed vegan who likes riding his bicycle and watch other people play video games. My main thing is art. I like to improvise my drawings and animations and never sketch or plan. I can only create something from complete nothing (or music playing in my headphones) so I almost never use references”.

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And Then It Hits You


And Then It Hits You2

And Then It Hits You “A film about the fast lives we’re living in this modern age and what we like to do with them. Not looking around and thinking about tomorrow.

…if there is a tomorrow anyway”.

By Hugo de Kok

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Monica Lee’s portraits


Monica Lee2

Estos son los retratos de Monica Lee, utilizando sólo lápices! Sí, estas impresionantes piezas no son fotografías sino ilustraciones hechas a mano! Echad un vistazo a su instagram, es fantástico!

These are Monica Lee’s portraits, using graphite pencils! Yes, this awesome artworks are not photographies but handmade illustrations! check out her instagram, it’s fantastic!

Ernest Zacharevic walls


Ernest Zacharevic1

Este post es sobre Ernest Zacharevic, un artista de graffiti que pinta murales enormes e impresionantes, a los que suma una gran dosis de humor. Sus obras hablan de personas que interactúan con las calles y sus peculiaridades, a cualquier nivel, dando un nuevo punto de vista de los detalles de la ciudad. Me encanta!

This post is about Ernest Zacharevic, a graffiti artist painting awesome large murals with a big dose of humour. His artworks a re about people interacting with the streets at any level, giving a new point of view of the city details. I love it!