Filtradro por junio, 2017

For Approval by Mainframe


For Approval

Hi [insert client name here],
We think we’re nearly there on this. It’d be great to get your thoughts/comments and of course, let us know if you spot anything obviously wrong.

This was an experimental film put together simply as an opportunity to have a play in-between projects. After much deliberation we set ourselves a brief to create a collection of scenarios subverting the physical properties of…anything. It made for some interesting comments along the way. “That egg’s not bouncy enough, the cloth coming out of the tap needs to feel more like water, the bowling ball needs to feel heavier as it floats off…”. We suddenly realised we were playing our own client (hence the in-joke above) This is ;·)

We’ve started lots of these projects over the years. This rare creature is one that’s finally found its way out of the studio. And no, it wasn’t at all annoying to see this peach appear on Vimeo half way through the process. ◔_◔

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Olivia Bee photography


Olivia Bee es una fotógrafa y directora que vive y trabaja entre Brooklyn, Nueva York y Los Ángeles, California. Su portafolio está lleno de proyectos tan potentes como este, ‘Kids in Love’. Echad un vistazo y disfrutad!

Olivia Bee is a photographer and director living and working between Brooklyn, New York and Los Angeles, California. Her portfolio is full of awesome projects such as this one, ‘Kids in Love’. Check it out and enjoy it!

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Pokras Lampas Calligraphic Art


Esta no es la primera vez que compartimos el trabajo caligráfico de Pokras Lampas aquí, e imagino que no será la última! El Sr. Lampras es un artista del arte caligráfico moderno con un impresionante portafolio lleno de cuerpos (y otras superficies) pintados con detalles de caligrafía. Esperamos que les guste de nuevo!

This is not the first time we share Pokras Lampas’ calligraphic work here, but I guess it won’t be the last one! Mr Lampras Modern Calligraphy Artis with an awesome portfolio full of body painted with calligraphy details. We hope you like it once again!